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Classical Education: Latin, Logic, Curriculum from Memoria Press.

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Cottage Schooling: One school, one teacher, one education

Cottage what? That is the question you often get asked when you mention the term "cottage schooling." Cottage schooling--often called "cooperative schooling"--is an alternative form of education in which children are taught by one or more teachers at a location outside the home for a limited time during the week. The rest of the student's week is spent at home completing assignments given in class.

Cottage schooling has come about primarily because of the need among many home schoolers for the outside expertise of a teacher, as well as the desire on the part of many parents for their child to gain limited exposure to a classroom environment.

In a cottage school, students come together for a full day or two partial days. The cost to educate a child in a cottage school is typically much less than that available from a private school and the education is typically much better than that available from a public or private school.

A cottage school allows students to receive a superior education in an ideal learning environment from an excellent teacher at an extremely reasonable cost. In addition, it allows a teacher to concentrate on the craft of teaching without the hassles of a bureaucracy and make a comfortable living in the process.

Cottage schools can be started by a group of parents or by a teacher.

Article by Dorothy Sayer on Classical Education and Latin Pronunciation

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