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Classical Education: Latin, Logic, Curriculum from Memoria Press.

Connect with other Memoria Press users! allows you to search for other homeschooler, teachers, co-ops, schools, conventions, and curriculum suppliers in your area. This is a free site, and we started it because so many people were trying to start homeschooling or create new schools but couldn't easily connect with others in their area.

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Recent Additions to CottageSchool (Try Your Own Search for Homeschoolers, Schools, and Co-ops)

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Teacher Rachel R.
Saint Louis , Missouri  
Hello, I seeking someone to
Home school my second grade son. He is
Struggling in school because the classroom size is too large. He has ADHD
Inattentive type. He is very smart n has great potential. He just need someone will be patient with him.
He need individualized teaching or her
Small group setting
Parent Mike D.
Keller , Texas  
I am a former Teacher/Coach with 26 years of experience. I taught History for 20 years and Science for 5 years. I also Coached for 13 of those years. I am a interested in Tutoring or Teaching your Children online or in your home.
Parent Nicole R.
Freetown , Indiana  
I am in search of a homeschooling teacher that can help with my ADHD and ODD 10 year old son.
Parent Sandra P.
West Palm Beach , Florida  
I am looking for someone to teach my 8 year old, next year.
Parent Barbie W.
Southbridge , Massachusetts  
For my 11 years old son




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